Fitness Trackers Are The Hottest Thing In Wearable Technology


This year, The Motley Fool’s Rex Moore caught up with one of the world’s leading tech columnists at the show, David Pogue of Yahoo Tech, to get a breakdown of the hottest new trends in electronics that could soon be hitting the market. This year, wearable technology was one of the biggest themes at the show, and fitness trackers dominate this space. FitBit, Nike’s (NYSE: NKE ) FuelBand, Jawbone, Withings Pulse, and Garmin’s (NASDAQ: GRMN ) new Vivofit are all among the hottest of the wearables right now. Pogue discusses why these are such a hit with consumers, and which one is his favorite of the group.

Vie fitness studio opens on Ann Arbor’s Washtenaw Avenue

Vipr classes use a weighted rubber tube for a total body workout. Youre moving the whole time, Casanova said. Vipr has been the most popular class (at the Arbor Hills studio). Since Vie opened at Arbor Hills on Monday, Casanova said some clients that used to go downtown have switched to the new studio. The studio is currently offering one to three classes a day, and Casanova said that will grow. (Were seeing) a lot of people that knew us from downtown that live in the Arbor Hills area, she said.

Arjun Rampal gives fitness tips to Swwapnil Joshi

When asked how it was meeting one of the fittest actors of Bollywood, Swwapnil said, “Arjun shared some fitness tips with me and I have already started implementing them. Apart from all the other regular fitness tips, he shared with me his theory of six-meals-a-day.I found it very interesting.” He further added, “Arjun is a very humble person and we had a wonderful time discussing about cinema. We exchanged notes about the changing trends in Marathi cinema and Hindi cinema. He was very inquisitive about Marathi cinema.”

Act Like A Child, For Fitness

Jack Hawkins dead at 96 May 27, 2013 Colonel Jack Hawkins was buried with honors in a private ceremony on May 24 at Quantico Cemetery after passing quietly during his sleep at Mary Washington Hospitalin Fredericksburg, VA,on May 17. Hawkins had been suffering… Cardio and weights best choice for elderly to keep the doctor away May 18, 2013 DEAR JIM: Ive been taking yoga classes at the Y for the past two years with some of my girlfriends, and we really enjoy it. Were all in our eighties, and weve… If you aren’t going to follow your doctor’s orders, why waste his time? April 29, 2013 DEAR JIM: I went to my doctor for my annual physical about two months ago (Im 57), and a bone density test indicated that I have osteoporosis.

Senior Fitness Examiner

Reporter Julia Lawlor explored the Freudian travails of exercise classes geared toward fully grown adults with mirthful inner beings at the Upper West Side’s Reebok Sports Club/NY. Predictably, she was disappointed at the lack of hide-and-seek: We formed a big circle, and she asked us to call out our names and our favorite childhood games: Hopscotch, dodge ball, volleyball, kickball and hide-and-seek were mentioned, though to what end, I’m not sure. (We never got around to playing any of them.) The class began to lighten upand intensifywhen participants were asked to imitate different animals. For the “gorilla,” we moved across the floor in a squat, reaching with both hands to the side to touch the floor, then shuffling our feet laterally to keep up with our hands. For the “inchworm,” we bent forward with legs straight, then walked our hands out until we were in plank position.